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We have stopped in at Shoup Mfg. It is a Quality Automotive and Steering Fabrication Company located in South Bend, Indiana. If you mean "Directions" you left at. That is the southern exit for Kankakee off I-57.

As others observe, Shoup Mfg has quite big parts display and showroom with lots of customer parking lots. There are about 12 large buildings used to store automotive parts that the company uses. One building is over 100 years old, it does not look like it will fall apart anytime soon. And the building itself is so old, it is almost likely it will need a new coat of paint. The shop floor is flat with hundreds of welded aluminum and stainless steel sheets laid out like a parking lot.

The replacement parts planter gauge wheel is all there and running smoothly, too. The Shoup Mfg representative was friendly, helpful and took good care of me. I asked her about the warranty on the products, she said it was one year. She explained it says that if there are any defects in the product, or service, within the first year, that will void the warranty. I asked if there was a specific part I needed and she indicated that she would contact me.

I went ahead and asked her about the company and she indicated that the company manufactured quality vehicles and parts. The company produces some really nice cars and parts. All of their trucks and vans are either new or refurbished. The company also has some really nice fleet vehicles that are used primarily for moving, packing and shipping.

The replacement parts planter rack was ordered with great delight. In the event you loved this short article along with you want to get details about what is the difference between gray and grey kindly go to the webpage. The replacement parts arrived quickly and I was able to install them myself with the help of a few other people. The company offers great customer service and great replacement parts. Customer service seems to be an issue in all of their products and services.

Overall, this company is a very reliable source for parts and replacement parts. I would like to see more independent reviews and maybe even a test drive of their small fleet trucks. They do have one truck that is almost like a small van, but I am not aware of any other vehicle they offer.

I like the fact that Shoup Mfg offers a money back guarantee on their replacement parts and trucks. I like the fact that their replacement parts come with a limited warranty. I like the fact that the shipping is discreet. I like the fact that they sell products in bulk to retailers all over the country so there is an opportunity to get some really good prices.

The prices are right and the products are quality. I hope you will like my review. Shoup Products is a great company to deal with. They have products you can trust and products that fit your budget and are of the highest quality.