Different Types Of Elbow Pipe Couplings

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Elbow pipe fittings are commonly used for connecting the piping system to an outside fitting, or as a control device for the heating and/or cooling systems in the building. Typically this piping system is installed between the outdoor piping and the interior heating and/or cooling system of the building. The reason that it is used as a coupling is because it is both a flexible and robust coupling that can be controlled from the inside of the building, with the help of a ball valve, and its external counterpart, an elbow pipe joint.

Normally we use two pipe fittings, one for the outside connection and the other for the inside connection. In the case of a plumbing system, we typically have two separate joints; hence, there would be four fittings. Usually, the plumbing system has three types of valves: flush, common, and threaded. In the case of an elbow pipe joint, we would usually use a threaded female threaded joint, hence, it is known as 'flush joint'. Normally the elbow pipe fittings are utilized for connecting different pipe lines coming from different directions, and they are used for regulating the water supply.

The common elbow coupling is generally made with the help of a flat washer and the male threads of the female thread. It is mainly used to join two flanged joints or flanged cylinders. There are different variations of this type of pipe fittings depending on the design and the application. The most common variations are discussed below:

Slip coupling: in case of a heavy load condition, such as a ship, a slip coupling is a good option to reduce the friction and wear. These pipes are very popular in places where the temperature is extreme all the time. For instance, in the places of shipbuilding and the chemical plants there are a large number of instances where slip couplings are used. They are generally available in different forms like preload, overload, open and close coupling.

Open Coupling: this type of coupling is very widely used and it also happens to be the simplest one among all the different varieties of couplings. This type of coupling consists of two threads, which are threaded on both sides and one end is threaded on top of the other end. To find out more regarding shuncheng Globe valve take a look at our site. It is generally found in the plumbing systems. In order to increase the efficiency and durability of the pipe fittings of this type, you will have to lubricate them regularly. Moreover, while installing the valves of this type you will have to make sure that the coupling of the pipes is placed in the correct position. In case, if you don't place it in the correct position then you might have to face the problem of premature wearing away of the threads.

Cross Type Fittings: these are generally used for heating and for industrial purposes. The difference between the above types of fittings lies in their number of threads. On the other hand, the cross-type fittings have less number of threads. This is why the temperature range for using the above type is different as compared to the other type of pipe fittings.