Migrate KVM to Proxmox PVE

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 RARforge :: Migrate KVM to Proxmox PVE



raw info

  • Source: LVM backed raw disk
  • Disk: /dev/drbd_hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha
  • Create Snapshot and Dump Image
/sbin/lvcreate -c 512 -p r -s -n /dev/drbd_hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha_1405799884 -L 1G /dev/drbd_hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha
dd if=/dev/drbd_hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha_1405799884 of=/raid/PVEmigrate/hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha_hoplex-ha__1405799884.img
  • obtain the raw image size
qemu-img info /raid/PVEmigrate/hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha_hoplex-ha__1405799884.img
image: /raid/PVEmigrate/hoplex-ha/hoplex-ha_hoplex-ha__1405799884.img
file format: raw
virtual size: 260G (279172874240 bytes)
disk size: 260G
  • create a VM with the required LVM size
  • one the VM LV is created.. dd=<your image> of=new_lvm_device bs=1m