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Change the storage location of the BackupPC pool

I will explain briefly how to move the Backuppc __TOP_DIR__ to another disk.

  • Copy the real Files (the pool or cpool) to the new disk

I do prefer rsync but other method are possible (simple cp, tar, …)

    cd /var/lib/backuppc 
    rsync -aq --exclude=pc/ ./ /new_drive/new_backuppc/
be patient this can be long… to see what’s going on replace -aq by -avP

  • Use an Internal backuppc command (BackupPC_tarPCCopy) to copy each PC hardlinks structure
this is also very long treatement. A huge amount of small hardlinks are read and relinked to the new destination
    mkdir pc
    cd pc
    __INSTALLDIR__/bin/BackupPC_tarPCCopy __TOPDIR__/pc | tar xPf -
too keep an eye on the progress I’ve found a small tool pretty handy to monitor piped data: “bar”
    /usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_tarPCCopy /var/lib/backuppc/pc | bar -dan -bs 4096 | tar xPf -